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Parenting - A Continuous Phenomenon

On way to his Robotics class, Mrunmay and I were waiting on a signal to turn green. And as usual, there were several vehicles breaking the signal and rushing ahead. This 12 yo had this question, again - "Baba, why are these people breaking the signal?" Most of the time, I have answered - "I don't know. They shouldn't". But today was different. I answered - "Maybe their parents didn't teach them to follow the civic rules.." I have been raised by parents who inculcated the habit of following the civic rules along with making me understand the "why" part of it. Even today, I don't jump the signals, I don't park in the no-parking zone, I do not enter from the wrong side. From day 1 of my car driving, I have been wearing the seat belt and from day 1 of my two-wheeler driving, I have been wearing a helmet. This was long before both these rules came into existence.  And Mrunmay has seen me doing it all along. Even he doesn&#

Movie Review: Jumanji The Next Level

As the year-end approached, I was on the lookout to continue our tradition of watching a movie on the first day of the year. This has been going on for the last 3 years - started with Dangal , followed by Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle and then Simmba last year. I was aware of the sequel of Jumanji being released - Jumanji: The Next Level and quickly checked out the availability of tickets. To my surprise, the tickets were easily available for IMAX 3D as well as 4DX. Since I never had watched a full movie in a 4D environment, I decided to give it a shot. I was thrilled by the original Jumanji and the next one. Both were done very nicely keeping the audience engaged at every moment and I was hoping to have a similar experience for this movie as well. Additionally, there was excitement for the 4D aspect as well.  The plot of the movie is pretty much the same as that of the last two movies. However, this one is more predictable. Since the time they have introduced the video game a