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A month with a difference...

What would the life be, if you were removed from your comfort zone and put in a completely different environment? An environment which you were part of several years earlier but you never envisaged being part of it again? What if I you can't adjust yourself to the uncomfort zone you are in now? What would it be, not to have all those people around, with whom you have spent almost 1/3 of your life? How would it be, to work all alone, almost all the time, with occasional calls from the team? How would it be to work from home, be at home almost entire day? loads of questions... all "W"'s were haunting me. It all started with a casual discussion with one of the friends almost four months back. I was getting an opportunity to do something different, something that I had not done so far on the career side and that got me excited and interested. After much deliberation, lot of debates, going over the pros and cons, finally decided to take the plunge... Decided to move mys

Mobile Number Portability - Revisited

A year back, I blogged about the " Mobile Number Portability " and its possible usage in India.  While I was predicting that the customer would still be cribbing, albeit for the new provider, since every provider appears to be providing same quality of service. However, today's news made me aware that I had forgotten about a particular aspect completely. Willingness of the operators to let go of the existing customer - it seems to be playing a key role in making MNP not so widely used in India even after a year. As per the current statistics only about 2 percent subscribers have opted for MNP, whereas in other countries the percentage has been in the range of 4 to 16 percent. Even TRAI was expecting the usage of this facility by about 10% of the subscribers. A quick search on MNP issues, landed me with this page, which is talking of the same issues which TRAI has pointed out in today's report .  I wonder if this is cartel. All providers deciding to keep their