Father’s day

I am not that person who doesn’t believe in celebrating these days. I appreciate the fact that the western culture has carved out days to celebrate these special relations. In routine life, we forget about the power of gratitude; we forget to dedicate time to nurture the relationship; we may tend to start taking things for granted. Such days allow you to rethink your acts, give some time to that relation and overall improve the happiness quotient of people around you and people who matter to you. 

I feel fortunate to be part of the internet revolution, specially last 10 years or so. I was part of Giftease for a good part of last decade, where it was our job to find out ways to coax the customers to send out gifts. This was the time when I really started following the “gifting calendar” per se. I was introduced to numerous occasions including women’s day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, entire valentine’s week, sibling day, daughter’s day and what not. I, automatically, started sending or purchasing gifts for those occasion days. It made me realize that a small act of consideration has a big impact on your relations. It brings joy and happiness and at the same time conveys that those relations matter to you.

As I left Giftease about 4 years back, I also lost touch of several of those special days. But some of them are still on my list. Women’s day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Mrunmay has picked up the idea of giving gifts well and has been making it a point to do something on those days. For some things, he takes help from either of us, but he also thinks of his ideas to make these days special. Yesterday was such a day. I knew something was cooking, but as I was supposed to be on the recipient end, I kept quiet. Meghana had instructed me not look at amazon order notification for couple of days (for obvious reasons) 😁 and I followed it religiously. 

On Saturday late night itself, I received my first gift. With Meghana’s help, Mrunmay gifted me a nice reading lamp clip for the book reading. This was on our list for quite some time but we never really ordered one. Looks very nice and I am hoping to start using it soon.

The real gift came my way in the evening. Mrunmay took me and Meghana into the room to gift me (rather us) with something that he did completely on his own. 

While it is still not fluent, I loved the thoughtfulness in selecting the song for the occasion. He actually wanted to practice a different gem from Marathi genre - “दमलेल्या बाबाची कहाणी”, but as one can guess it is complex for his current skill level. 

I thought it was all for the Father’s day, but it wasn’t. I was treated with delicious homemade pizza right in front of me!!

As we were finishing the dinner, there was a delivery notification. I had no idea that this would be another gift! It turned out to be another item on my wishlist - a wireless charger!! Since Meghana and I shifted to the latest OnePlus and both of us have AirPods given by our respective employers, a few days back I had expressed my desire to have a wireless charger. And here I was holding it in my hand!!

With that, Father’s Day came to an end. 

We tend to get busy in our routine life but the experiences like this make us realize - what is really important in life. I am sure I would have lot many such memorable days in coming years!!


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