Our Bournvita Question...

Last weekend while returning home, out of nowhere, Mrunmay started asking question. Actually, not really, he asks questions all the time. Almost every sentence is followed by "Why?" and we need to explain it in such a fashion that there are no more "why"s coming out. Almost every time we fail but at least after 5-7 such attempts in a series, either he gives up or gets distracted and we get saved automatically!!

You might have noticed the latest TVC from Bournvita featuring Kajol as a mom trying to answer the questions from his son, which inadvertently forces her to study before she answers. We had our bournvita question ...

आई, कुंकू कशापासून बनवतात ?

We tried telling him what is turmeric and how it is made and all for obvious reasons... we don't know what is कुंकू made from!! For some strange reason, I don't remember I ever had that question...

What is your Bournvita question?

PS: I just blogged about that TVC, you can read it here - Bournvita question

PS: Some googling, which wasn't obvious though, found out that कुंकू is called vermilion and here is the Wikipedia article for the same.


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