Has INC forced NDA choose it's PM candidate?

With recent announcement of Rahul Gandhi taking over as Vice President of Indian National Congress has raised some very interesting questions/thoughts/doubts.

  1. Just by announcing Rahul as second-in-command, the opposition alliance seems to have got cornered. BJP, the largest party in opposition, is rushing to identify what should be the counter move. Yashwant Sinha has gone out all the way to praise Narendra Modi as the prime candidate from BJP, whereas there's no official announcement from BJP as such.
  2. Rahul got promoted to this position even without demonstrating any real capabilities. What he carries with him the Gandhi Dynasty, dismal failure in UP and so-so in Gujarat. He hasn't shown any interest in coming out with his views on the most current affairs, which matter to most of the people. E.g. Lokpal Bill, 2G scam, Delhi Rape Case and the demands surrounding it. Not a single word has been heard by the people of India, which is getting projected as "probable".
  3. Narendra Modi has been continuing with his work in Gujarat and projecting it outside Gujarat through social media and now he is also staging himself to get active at the national level. Refer his recent speech at SRCC, Delhi.
  4. NDA is troubled due to the lack of consensus about PM candidature. Nitish kumar from Bihar is strongly against Modi due to the baggage he carries from 2002 riots, whereas there could be few others who may not have said it openly, but would jump the fence when they have an alternative.
  5. Some interesting questions are being raised about Modi's ability to replicate so-called Gujarat Model across India. Main argument is that Modi hasn't done much except for continuing whatever was already started before start of his era and has just involved in marketing the growth. Gujarat seems to be showing impressive progress on the economic front, which primarily is because Gujarati community is primarily a business community, which is not true across the nation and would be a major hindrance for the success of Gujarat Model across India. Check this debate on ibnlive.
  6. Congress is taking every major to localize Narendra Modi and restrict him in the form of "state leader", which could essentially force BJP to actually announce Modi as PM candidate. Factually, Modi has demonstrated his capabilities within Gujarat, but hasn't been really tested outside Gujarat and may have lesser acceptability in the fraternity for various reasons. 
  7. It might make sense for Mr. Modi to take ownership of couple of states for which elections are due by end of this year and show that he can win outside Gujarat. Would Mr. Modi see this as a risk and take the bait?
  8. Would Nitish Kumar be successful in forcing NDA to choose more amicable guy as PM candidate instead of Mr. Modi? It looks like Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitly, however they may want, are not in race and a very different name may just rise up the list may be someone as clean as Mr. Parrikar. Mr. Parrikar has good track record, but Goa is a small state in the overall picture and that may prove to be disadvantageous for him.
  9. Would INC actually allow Rahul Gandhi to become PM candidate? Would he really want to be one? Or would he enjoy being a remote control with unlimited power? If latter, who would be INC's PM candidate?


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