A day well spent!!

It was an amazing experience to be part of TiECon Pune Event held at Hyatt Regency on Saturday Mar 30, 2013. 

The event started with keynote from the legendary Mr. Narayana Murthy who faced the questions from three young Entrepreneurs and was facilitated by Mr. Pravin Gandhi. With very straight forward statements made the audience applaud more than once. 
Be it country or a company, it should have only one boss.
In our country, everyone should retire at 65.
Post retirement, one should give advice only if it is asked, not otherwise. 
This event observed a full house, with quite a few folks standing along the walls.

This followed by a session on Women Entrepreneurs, but many of the attendees were found to be networking outside the hall. Immediately after this were 3 breakout session. 

I witnessed the reverse pitch by the VCs to the Entrepreneurs, excellently coordinated by Mukund Mohan, CEO-in-Residence for Microsoft Accelerator. VCs were found to answer the questions like "why should I get money from you" and "why do you take so much time even to say NO". It was really fun to watch the fearless youngsters asking questions boldly to some of the well known VCs in India. The VC panelist include people from firms like Nirvana Ventures (Vikram Gavande), SeedFund (Mahesh Murthy), Clarion Venture Partners (Ankur Agarwal), Mumbai Angels (Ashish Dave), Indian Angels, IndianQuotient (Madhukar Sinha). 

Post lunch sessions were guaranteed to be insightful and fun-filled. Mahesh Murthy along with Ayaz Memon talked about Social Media and future. Some interesting answers to usual questions came out. "Isn't social media distracting?" "Television was equally distracting.." One important observation made by Ayaz Memon - acknowleding Mahesh's phrase - "Times Of Ayaz Menon" - It enables one to reaching out to the audience within 30 sec instead of waiting for next morning when the news used to reach audiences and the instant feedback on your comment/news/thought are the real advantages of social media. Oh yeah, someone was worrying about what after Facebook and Twitter. Mahesh rightly said - "Don't build your social strategy around Facebook or Twitter, instead use them only as channels so that your strategy can add more channels tomorrow"

I missed most of the discussion with Abhijit Pawar (Sakal Media) which was about change in the society through creating disruptive innovation for majority of stakeholders of the society. Abhijit covered the details of Pune Bus Day and plan forward, upcoming Water Conclave and the initiatives to empower Women across the state. Key takeaway - take everyone together on your mission including the politicians and the common man.

The TiECon was slated to end with an Author Talk by Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik and after having watched his TED video I was absolutely sure about the fun and insight that he would bring in. And it happened that way only. 
This great storyteller, took a good shot at what the mythological stories tell you and how you can apply those stories in your business world. E.g. Ever wondered how come Vishnu uses Eagle and Nag (Snake) as his vehicles, given Eagle and Snakes are enemies forever? Why do processes developed in US and EU fail miserably in India? and many more like this. It was no surprise that he got a standing applaud at the end of his just 30 mins talk.

The event presented good opportunity to meet several people in various fields - Interior designers, Hospitality, Branding, Artists and surely several IT folks. 

A very well organized event indeed!!

[Disclosure: I was part of the volunteer team, but got involved at very late stage and hence practically I had made very little impact on the execution and hence the credit goes fully to the TiE Pune team]


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