I Am Disturbed...

Sooraj Dooba Hai Yaroo, 
Do Ghoot Nashe Ke Maaro, 
Khud Ko Bhoola Do Yaaro,
Sansaar Se..

Chaar Botal Vodka, 
Kaam Mera Roz Ka, 
Na Koi Mujhko Roke, 
Na Kisi Ne Toka


What is this trend that is emerging and is about to consume my child? He is just 7 years old and just knows the words in the lyrics of these songs. Soon he would start asking what does that mean and I wouldn't be surprised if asks for those things. How am I supposed to answer that? He is already concerned that I do not like he singing or listening to the song "Sooraj Dooba Hai Yaroo". He keeps asking me why shouldn't he listen or sing that song. I, at times, feel I am being over critical. But my values do not allow me to idolize alcohol. Some people, may be many of them, might be okay with their kids having alcohol at whatever stage of their life. I am not. But these kinds of songs make it difficult for any parent who wants to safeguard their child's interest, until they are grown up enough to make their choices. As a parent, I am fully aware that after certain age, it would be best to leave it to the children, but until then it is my responsibility to make him aware of what is good and what is not. 

The external influences like these songs are playing a crucial role in the upbringing of the kids. I have never made any effort to introduce these songs to him, instead Meghana and I have been consciously introducing him to melodious and well meaning songs. However, Mrunmay gets introduced to these songs somewhere outside. May it be his school bus, or other kids in the school or at the day care. He wants to listen to these songs and obviously has questions on the meaning of the words in that. And there starts my problem. I can obviously tell him the literal meaning of the words and hope he wouldn't have further questions. I am not sure how would I answer question like - Baba - will you bring a bottle of vodka for me? or Baba - will you give me "do ghooT nashe ke"?

I am happy he hasn't asked me that yet, but I am afraid that it may not be that distant in future. I am disturbed, deeply...

We have never introduced Mrunmay to the concept of girls need to wear a specific kinds of clothes. He sees a song on the screen "Mere Desi Look Pe" which has girls dancing in short clothes and when he asks me - "doesn't she have any shame?", I got disturbed. My attempt to tell him that it has nothing to do with shame or anything and she is wearing clothes fitting her dance goes futile. Someone has already inscribed on his mind that girls shouldn't be wearing short clothes. And he is just seven.

I am not exactly sure how should I protect my son from these external influences, so that he becomes a gentleman and a good citizen when he grows up. I am disturbed...


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