Stress-free commutation

I am always baffled by the commuters who want to break signals, overtake in haste and try to reach destination 15 seconds faster. Apparantly each driver is always in a hurry and can't afford to loose even 10-15 seconds during his way to office or back home. In trying to achieve that they will try to jump the signals, make others to jump the signal by honking endlessly, try to get to the front row while waiting for signal turning green and all such tricks. They don't realize how much stress they carry along with them while managing all such circus. And obviously, as a result of all this, when they reach the destination, they feel tired, exhausted and may be frustrated.

It's time to take a step back and think. Is all that circus really necessary? Is it worth the stress that we carry along? Can we do something better? Yes. Here are some tips.

  1. When you are approaching the signal, try to get into appropriate lane, so that you can move smoothly once you get green.
  2. While waiting, get your vehicle in Neutral Gear.
  3. For four wheelers: Put the handbreak on. Rest back, close your eyes for couple of seconds. Remove your hands off the stearing wheel. If possible try to stretch them a bit. Adjust your posture, if required.
  4. For two wheelers: Remove your helmet, let the breeze touch your head/face. Stretch your hands, neck etc.
  5. When the signal turns green, don't start honking. Let the vehicle in front of you move and then you start moving. Just remember, no one wants to stay on the road forever. So rest assured, the next vehicle is going to move in next few seconds.
Believe me, all these things would help you relive the stress accumulated, if any. And you can take up the next stretch of drive more easily. See how fresh you feel when you reach your destination.

Another tip is in maraThi, can someone help me translate this ?
कपाळावरच्या आठ्या काढा. जेव्हा केव्हा तुम्हाला वेळ मिळेल, तेव्हा बघा, किती आठ्या तुमच्या कपाळावर असतात. कपाळ रिलक्स करा, आणि बघा किती छान वाटते ते!
Try this out for few days and let me know, if it helped you :)


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