Lockdown Day #1

First of all, wish you all a very happy new year!

Due to the corona outbreak(COVID-19), India is in a lockdown state and today becomes the first official lockdown. 

My family and I have been at home since last one week and have stepped out only thrice or max four times to complete some chores - primarily groceries and vegetables and milk. Rest of the time, all of us are under one roof, not stepping out at all.

Meghana and I have been working from home since last Wednesday. Though my son has school shut, there were some revisions to be done.

Today was a bit different. It was a real holiday for him and me. And wegot a time to do lot of house work and also a lot of time to play with Mrunmay. Jenga blocks ruled the day.

He also tried his hands at making "पोळ्या" and washing utensils. Now that all the maids and domestic help are off, entire housework has to be done amongst three of us and Mrunmay is realizing it to a large extent. At times he gets sad, but suddenly changes his mind and cones forward to help. This lockdown is going to be a biggest learning experience for us as parents and him as a kid. Planning to make most of it!

Day 1 learnings: you can do lot of house work and ALSO spend quality time with your kid. Plan it along with your kid and you will have an amazing day!!


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