Lockdown Day #3

Looks like the things are settling in to some extent. I didn't have to step out. Had enough milk packets at home. 

During some dull moments I thought of some points for WFH.
  • Everyday, without fail, have your bath, get ready for office and behave as if you are going to office. That sets the mood for you as well as for you family members. Had it been you alone at home and doing work from home, this might not have mattered much. But when your entire family is around including kid(s), it definitely matters to set this mood.
  • Continue with your other routine of lunch, tea/coffee, snacks etc. Those are meant for breaks from work and although you are working from home you still need those breaks.
  • Use those breaks to stroll around the house, a bit of stretching would also help. 
  • After a week of WFH, I noticed that my digestive system ia giving trouble, sue to lack of enough activity. Some laborious house work would help to set it straight - like cleaning, mopping the floor or even washing utensils.
  • Set a goal for everyday and leave office after that is done. Announce to everyone in the house that you are back from home. It helps on two fronts - you come out of office mentally and your family knows that too. You are then free for your family.
  • Do not leave your desk as if it is your office desk. Keep everything in your usual office bag. That is another signal for your body and mind to get in or get out of office.

Always remember that in this lockdown period - WFH means work from home AND work for home. Balance it as much as possible.

Something on family front now.

Mrunmay brought a big smile to my early in the morning when I saw him picking his mug of milk and keeping it by the wash basin. On his own. And not just that he also filled it with water so that it becomes easier to wash later!! 

Another incident.

At the coffee time after I "returned" from my office, he started saying - baba - i am seeing lot of positive points of this lock down. I am learning quite a few things and I am also seeing you more often!! While doing that we opened the fridge and he was suddenly shocked.. "baba - i had kept "भाजी आणि आमटी" here.. where did it go?" I was zapped.. we started searching. I thought he might have left it on the dining table or in kitchen. But no. And then he himself realized.. he had kept it in the drawer where usually the washed utensils are kept!! 

I was happy for two reasons - he himself noticed that something was wrong with fridge contents and also fixed it. And more importantly, I got a company 😋

This lockdown is turning out to be really a memorable experience. 


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