Lockdown Day #5

Another day without stepping out of the home.. rather out of the society. I had to make a trip to the gate to collect wheat flour which was home delivered by our grocer. Since no delivery personnel's are allowed inside the society, i stepped out of the home, walked up to the main gate and collected it. Same thing happened for medicines for Dada. The pharmacist delivered it to the gate. It took me some time to fetch it from the security. And by that time the guard delivered it home. The milk is now taken care off. And it seems BBDaily is also resuming the milk delivery from tomorrow. Hoping to see it working regularly.

It being a Sunday today, spent a lot of time in cleaning, rather deep cleaning the room. Since the maids are off, it has taken a toll on cleaning. With cooking in the morning, it becomes nearly impossible to clean the house completely and happens only in bits- n-pieces. The deep cleaning kind of gave a sense of satisfaction!!

This social distancing is kind of bringing distant folks together. Today one of my classmates scheduled a zoom call for all the WA group members. Saw many of them after several years. Got to know about ground conditions faced by doctors in the group and also by friends in ithe countries. Most of them were praising the Indian government for taking the bold step which is missing in their countries (AUS, NZ, US, UK). It was a good idea to get all of us on the zoom call and listen to each other.

Many folks have started making use of the time that they have at hand. Not all are equipped to work from home and they need to keep themselves busy. Some creative people have been making use of the internet and making their knowledge available to masses via youtube channel or by conducting live facebook sessions!

It is just a start of the lockdown. People have enthusiasm to do such things.It will be interesting to see how many continue. My own longest streak was of 100 days where I wrote about one technical term every day!! You can read about that experience here. It surely wasn't easy to keep the momentum and hence I stopped. This particular period has a definitive end - or so I think. So the chances that many of them will continue are much higher. Let's see!!


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