Lockdown Day #6

The boredom is kicking in. Today morning, I wasn't feeling like working from home and was craving to meet my team in person. Somehow managed to survive initial couple hours and then I got into the work mode. 

It is not a first time I am working from home. I have done that when I was waiting for good opportunity after mSauda and then after Giftease days. Even in those days, I would follow the WFH guidelines I listed earlier. But never got this bored. The difference was - I knew I would be working alone. This time I have a team and I interact with them through the day. I miss those small interaction with them while walking past them. Some intense discussions and white boarding on some design piece. Filling up the walls of my cabin with various data points and discussing them with the team. Some jokes and pulling legs of others! I miss that a lot.

To recover from the boredom, I happened to post something on Facebook and while scrolling down the feed noticed that there were no ads from shopping sites. In a hindsight it looked obvious. Since all non-essential deliveries are stopped, it doesn't make sense for the sites to keep advertising. Just to validate if they have stopped the ads or i wasn't shown the ads because of my inactivity, I visited one such site. Still, no ad in my facebook feed!! Hypothesis proved!

Today also there was no milk supply from BBDaily. But other milk provider has settled in. There was no other need so didn't have to step out today. Yet another day without stepping outside!!

During dinner time, Mrunmay played some good songs from youtube including "रंग हे नवे नवे" from "कॉफी आणि बरंच काही". Although I haven't liked the movie much, it definitely makes me nostalgic. This particular song, though, has come out very well and has become part of my favorite list!!

Signing off .. with the hope that tomorrow will be better than today!!


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