Lockdown Day #4

The milk supply is still in mess. BBDaily is not able to deliver the milk. But there's another fellow in our locality who is delivering cow milk and has resumed his operations. So milk is sorted out and I don't have to go out for that. 

Now that more than a week has gone by, we were going low on veggies and was planning to make a trip tomorrow (Sunday). But thankfully got it almost home delivered. A tempo with veggies came by to the society gate and I got some stock for next 4-5 days and that too at reasonable rate. And the veggies were fresh and of good quality!

For the first time we all three sat together to process the veggies!!

It was a fun to do chit chat while processing veggies. While listening to song "ये रे घना, ये रे घना" i recalled the revised version i had made "ये मेघना, ये मेघना" and that triggered some nostalgic memories of our courtship. Mrunmay got curious about what all romantic things we had done. Looks like a "candle light dinner" is also his idea of a romantic thing!!

Today, as a society, we gave out some small amount to our support staff who are coming even during these stressful days. Usually entire committee would have assembled for any such appreciation. However, this time we kept it to less than five at a time and also maintained the required distance. The discussion after that highlighted the problems we would be facing soon:
  • Society manager is working from home. So several things will need to be handled by the committee only.
  • The maintenance invoices would be generated soon. Until recently, we didn't have online payment option enabled. People are used to pay by cheque by handing over the cheque to the manager. Now we need to push the members to pay online to avoid the hassle.
  • We would still need to be ready for accepting the cheques and deposit them timely for those who would still prefer that mode of payment.
  • There would be some regular payments which we'd need to do in a timely manner. Need to arrange to deposit cheques in the bank aa society bank account doesn't have online transaction facility.

On another note, DD has started telecast of old serials like Ramayan, Mahabharat, Byomkesh Bakshi and Circus. Mrunmay was curious and he watched ramayan for few minutes, bit got bored. May be he will develop interest as the story progresses, not sure though!!

Many things have started becoming natural for him in terms of contributing in housework, helping us do things faster. He himself offered to process spinach and did pretty good job with it!!


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