A spectacular win

Yet another feather in Dhoni's cap. His young wagon has won the Twenty20 world cup in a spectacular fashion. What a start for Dhoni to begin his captaincy career!! No one else would have had such a chance so far.

Just like I wrote in my earlier post, this match also showed lousy body language at crucial times. When Misbah was riding the wave and pitting our bowlers to the stand, you should have watched them. Getting tensed is one thing, but displaying it so openly is not good. To some extent Dhoni was keeping his cool. He was talking to his bowlers after every bad ball and helping them to cope up with the pressure. The worst body language was coming from Jogi. His confidence had gone for a complete toss and everyone could see it from his face and his ever-fallen shoulders. But finally, it was Misbah who gave up under pressure and awarded a victory to Indians.

Few good things happened in the end as well. The "cool" captain thoughtfully instructed to team to take a round and accept the applaud from the public. Even though he was leading the team, he allowed the real heroes such as YV and other to lead the run. It was a completely controlled, yet very confident show after the match.

Well done boys!!


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