Public memory is not short ...

But it's willingness to take action goes down as the time passes by.

Triggered by a statement by a relative, a memory of a sad instance in company came to surface. That relative was not even remotely related to that instant or the company, but still mentioned few details about it. And I realized that public may not be talking about any given instance, but it is very much there in the public memory. It just takes a mention of story to dig out the whole episode in the public mind. However, what matters then is, whether anyone wants to any action on that.

Our politicians benefit from this behavior immensely. They know that once the committee is formulated, it will take a while for the committee to submit the report. And by then, public, busy with there day jobs, will go short on its willingness to force any action on the outcome. Same thing actually worked in favor of society during the Ram-Janmabhumi verdict. Public remembered everything, but there was no motivation , or actually a reason , to act after the verdict.

Same thing is likely to happen with CWG scam and Adarsh Scam. The commission will take so long to submit the report that the public will get busy paying attention to some latest scam at that time, which could be even bigger. What is really required is a skill to keep the public willingness high to take action on such scams whenever there is some output from the commission's inquiry, and Media has a huge role to play, if it decides to.


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