After constant crying for more than an hour, and after trying to pacify him for the same duration, Mrunmay and mamma are far asleep and baba is wide awake @ 2 in the morning !!!. The only thing he can do is to surf the net, FB, and blogging from his mobile as Mrunmay wants to sleep in his lap ...

The heavy winds on the top of the fort Panhala have taken the toll and Mrunmay seems to be suffering from cold resulting into ear pain. It took us a while to realize the actual reason as we thought it could be his legs or stomach. We had taken a tour of the fort in the morning where Mrunmay walked quite a bit with many ups and downs on the stairs at few places. That probably made us think it was leg pain. Meghana tried to massage his legs, but no use... Then we thought it could be gases in the stomach, so tried to apply some pressure on his stomach, it helped to some extent but he started crying again and this time he wanted baba only. After spending entire day in listening 'baba nako', this definitely was an opportunity not to miss. Meghana appearing helpless handed over Mrunmay to me, she wanted me to have good sleep considering the travel in the morning. We suddenly realized it could be his ears and brief inspection confirmed that.

Now we have put some ear drops in both his ears, he is sleeping well for last 30 mins or so, albeit in my lap and I am struggling to close my eyes!!!! Happy parenthood !!!!


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