Interesting insite on how a "Startup" is formed

In his recent post on GigaOm, Om Malik has sited a very good insite on how a startup is formed:
Back when I was in college, as a chemistry student, I came to appreciate the atom more than anything else in the world. Atoms, when bonded with other atoms, form molecules. Some of these bonds are magical and the molecules can, in turn, be magical things. Startups are essentially the same. Atoms are the individual people; he company is the molecule. And that’s what makes our journey into the future — some of it predictable and a little bit of it unknown — so enjoyable. Three years into the opportunity of a lifetime, I still have a spring in my step as I leave my apartment, for I can’t wait to be with each one of my team members.
I found this most relevant to my current Read - High Performance Enterprenuers. It aptly puts how a team at a startup should be. Read entire article here.


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