Mental need to be socially connected

After a long time of inactivity, I have become very much active socially. Facebook, twitter, Blog are some forms which are helping individuals to remain connected socially.

In these days of busy lifestyle, we don't find much time to connect with other folks - friends and relatives. But given the very nature of Human Being, he/she is ought to be a social person, barring few exceptions off course :) These social media have helped in fulfilling this basic need in a very effective manner. No, I am not saying these platforms are replacements for in-person conversations, but these are definitely feeling the gaps. If these wouldn't have been there, how would I connect to a friend sitting in the Uncle Sam's country and still both of us are updated about each other? At times it also helps in converting acquaintances into good friends. Few of you might also have experienced that there's very less "fear of rejection", since the rejection would happen in private and not in public :)

People have very much interest in "what you are doing", otherwise, why would Twitter be so successful. Similary your friends are interested in your photos, videos, thoughts, comments etc, leading to enormous success of Facebook, Orkut etc. People having more structured thought process opt for writing out blogs, which actually turns out to be very good content, giving way to publish one's ideas to the world.

Presence service integrated in mobile along with Social networking media would soon catch up as 3G networks grow and I am sure that would open up another set of applications, platforms which would enable people to connect socially at various levels.


Anonymous said…
I am one of those exception, but still struggling to stay active on facebook in last few days. :)
Mandar Behere said…
For you, blogging serves the purpose, isn't it? :)

Good to see you on FB as well :)
Deepa said…
totally agree! its amazing how much people want to connect, network, interact, be involved. but I also think its at a very superficial level - i can't imagine making best friends online. my best friends are still the people you and I know together - that has been built over shared bus rides and lunches and work gossip and sunday games. but yes, the internet helps to 'stay in touch' - gives us the illusion of being in touch :)
Mandar Behere said…
In a way you are right D, but at least this blog and FB helped me to re-connect with my old Friends .. isn't it :)

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