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Interesting list of items that can be done by those unfortunate folks who either have lost the job because of the recession or were unlucky enough not to have one at first place. I have started becoming fan of his writings. Lots of things to learn from his posting.

I had something similar in my mind while on the topic of unemployment in general, not necessarily due to recession. Specifically in India, we see many young folks not getting the right job or not getting it at all. But many-a-times what is observed is they either waste time with friends of same problem, or they go the depression way. How many of them really take effort to improve their skills and make themselves more markettable? How many of them think that they can actually spend part of their time towards NGOs and spend rest of the time in honing their skills?

Many of the items listed by Seth may not be directly applicable in Indian context, but how about replacing them with some of the tasks that fit the bill and get going?


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