Disturbing news

Came across with two disturbing news yesterday. One of them actually has become common, but still felt disturbed when I read about it.
  1. Intolerence against the immigrants - you might be thinking about the MNS movement against North Indians, but I am referring to something else. Apparently, a group in Australia is playing havoc against the immigrants, and incidently they are Indians. While we are showing intolerence for the people migrating within the country, our fellow countrymen aspiring to immigrate to another country are falling pray of same thing. While I understand and sympathise with the natives to a large extent, I can not simply support their actions. Every person in this world seems to have become insecure (or is forced to feel insecure by media?) and that is leading to such nuisance. Read the news here.
  2. Not understand the real problem - A college in Kanpur has banned western outfits for "women". The reason given for this ban is to avoid eve-teasing. Now, this is height. A person who could be a victim of eve-teasing is being asked to abolish some of her conviniences/comforts whereas the probable culprits are allowed to be free without any resrictions/warnings etc. If the college wants to solve the real problem, they need to work on the mindsets of those individuals who think eve-teasing is a heroic deed. But taking this route is difficult and full of problems and hence an easy way of "ban" seems to have been adopted. Read the news here.


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