Stories need to be rewritten

During our usual story time, rather reading time, Mrunmay picked up his current favorite - The bird with golden wings - by Sudha Murthy and started reading one of the stories.

Story had a reference to a couple having wealthy lifestyle and then loosing money in business, moving into a smaller place, with no servants etc. The story read - she had to do all the work at home as she couldn't afford the servants.

And the question came beaming to me - "But baba, why wasn't her husband helping her instead of she doing all the work alone?" I didn't have immediate answer, but it got me thinking - he is trying to relate what he is seeing at home to what he is being told in the story and he is picking up the contradiction quickly. Same thing happens when the story contains "thief", he asks but why did he start stealing? And usually there are no answers to these questions.

I think time has come to rewrite the stories that actually tell what our future should be like and not how the past was!!


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