Happy Diwali and An Update :)

First of all Happy Diwali to all of you. Albeit late, but intentional. I wanted you to read this mail :)

Hope you have enjoyed your Diwali a lot and have come back in not-so-working mood. So, have some fun reading this mail.

About 6 months back, we shut shop at mSauda and I was out looking for some interesting opportunities to work upon. In that process, I met few of you who offered some connects and contacts for me to explore. While looking for some work, I got to know few more folks who are out there to do something different!!

I learnt how difficult it is to do freelancing, how difficult it is to sell your skills and most importantly, how to keep yourself busy when you don't have a set of tasks chalked out for you nor you know which direction you are heading to. I tried quite a few thing, but most of those things didn't work out as I was expecting, except for this one. I got introduced to a startup in gifting space - http://www.giftease.com. After few meetings, I was convinced that this is going to be my next step in the journey that I am out for. 

Please do visit the site and ensure that you send me gifts for introducing you all to this awesome gifting site ;) Jokes apart, we are building some nice features very relevant to improving your gifting experience. So stay tuned! Better yet, subscribe to our newsletter :)

Wishing you all and your loved ones a very happy new year! May all your gifts be fulfilled by Giftease :)


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