Taxpayers' Money Going For a Toss

Yet another instance where Taxpayers' Money is being openly wasted on people who really don't need it and that is too for the sake of politician's own publicity..

Many state governments have announced crores of rupees to the Cricket World Cup winning team and all this money comes from the taxes we pay in various forms. Delhi, Punjab, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Uttarakhand have announced crores in cash or kind (read: Land) to the team players. And this wasn't budgeted at all. The recent report in Times shows that all this money is likely to come from Education budget in most of the states. In India, we are still struggling with "Right to Education", which underlines that there's a lot to do with the education, how much fair is it for the governments to divert the education budget to such things? The Cricketers have already received much (which incidentally is multiple times the amounts these governments are wasting) and would receive much more in coming days. Cricket has been a money game for a loooong time now and it's absolutely unfair to favor only Cricket.

Even earlier last week, it was announced that ICC would be given a tax break of some 80 Crores for the matches played in India. The question is why? Just because the president of BCCI holds a berth in the Ministry? The sports minister was strongly against this tax break. In fact he was suggesting to divert this money to other sports which struggle even for sponsorship. But there wasn't much support for him and the Government approved the tax break!!

Last but not the least, government has also approved the income tax exemption for the income due to Cricket World Cup, and this is amounting to some 450Cr...


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