Hatred ...

I wanted to cover something about orkut before this blog, but somehow this topic got more attention. I was browsing through various communities on Orkut and surprisingly there was equal number of communities dedicated to the hatred .. "I hate ....." and "I love .....". It's not just about the names of the communities, but even in any community discussion, you can find people displaying their hatred and unfortunately justifying or taking pride in that.

Hatred is such a malicious thing that it eats up all your energy in something that's not really worth. Instead one can utilize the same in other direction - towards the things that you love. I can understand dislike. You may not like each and every thing in this beautiful world. But hatred.. that something make me sad.

It's not just on orkut, it's everywhere around you. If you take up any of the daily soap operas, you would find only conspiracy, hatred, treachery, betrayal. What kind of message is getting spread across? What is the effect on next generation? The kids of age 8-12 years - are they smart enough to understand what is good and what is bad? If they are being bombarded only by things full of such hatred, wouldn't they behave similarly? Do we really want that?

At least not me ... What about you?


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