Is this expected from the media?

Yes, media sucks. I am really frustrated with the contents being broadcasted through the media and the frustration is reaching new heights every day.

You are right. I am referring to recent incidences. The latest one is the attack on prominent BJP Leader Mr. Pramod Mahajan by his own brother. Whatever are the reasons for the attack, but the way in which it was protrayed was really bad. Media created an event out of that mishap. The news bulletins didn't spare any of his relatives, the doctors on duty, the visitors, his neighbours. Then they enlightend all of us with the human anatomy showing the points where bullets pierced his body. One channel went one step ahead and created a series of sketches depicting the probable flow of incidents. All the news channels had only one item agenda - This incident. As if there were no other incidents happening in/around India.

Another recent example is Lakme India Fashion Week. As it was flashed immediately by the media, none of us is unaware of the mishaps during that show. The television media took full advantage of those incidents and covered those clippings in each of the news bulletins. The shameful part was that they were condemning the circulation of those clippings over the MMS/internet but at the same time they continued to cash the mishap.

Is this really expected from the media? On one side, it claims to be the fourth pillar of democracy (other three being Legislature, Executive and Judiciary) and at the same time it continues to use it irresponsibly so as to cash on each and every incident happening in and around the world. Media has a great impact on the society. It can construct or destruct the society. It only depends on the media what way it wants to go...


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