Can I have an insurance for my Google password?

Google launched the equivalent of PayPal - Google Checkout. Google already has lot of other services (although not all are listed yet) which are becoming part of my day-to-day life, gmail being the most used.

This new service allows user to store his/her credit card info for using during e-shopping, that too multiple cards can be saved. Isn't it a bit risky? Many services are getting converged in Google. There doesn't seem to be a good competition for google. Y! and MSN seem to be way behind.

In money market we always talk diversified investments. Do I have an option in computer based services to diversify my vendors? I don't see that coming up in near future.

If I loose my gmail password? All my data will be stolen in an instant. And that too with little possibility of getting any trace!

I should look for some insurance company ... A new vertical in insurance business? :)


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