Visiting U.S. of A.

Last few days had kept me busy in planning my trip to USA and hence didn't get time to post anything here. Lots of things have happened in last 15 days, but mostly they are related to professional life and hence won't mention anything more than this.

On Monday, June 12, I received my visa and took a flight in few hours i.e. early morning on June 13. To my surprise, I completed check-in, immigration and security check in just 1 hour and that too without any hassles. It's quite pleasing, isn't it?

Flight from Mumbai to Frankfurt was smooth. The cabin crew was good and very hospital. I started expecting same quality of service in my onward journey and soon realized it's not the case. We were served the snack and tea/coffee within 30 minutes from the plane took off i.e. 9:50 AM local time. And it was immediately followed by meal without any time gap. So, I had my lunch done by 11:00 AM and then there was nothing for next 5-6 hours. Even water or juice was not being served regularly. To add to all this, I was in the middle seat. Experienced people can vouch how uncomfortable it is to be on the middle seat in any flight (with some exceptions :) which were not true in my case ... ). Then we were served another meal and they took more than an hour to clear the plates. Apparently they didn't have space to store those used trays.

Finally I got down on SFO International. I was told that there's some door-to-door service which is inexpensive if traveling in groups. I, along with my colleagues, spent more than an hour in searching for it, lost our way. Our search came to end only when we got some help from one fellow Indian, that too maharastrian.... Supposedly that door-to-door service is not yet famous out there and we had to get a cab.

The delay is not over yet. The guest service person at the hotel where I am staying took more than an hour to carry out 4 check-ins. Out of that 30-35 mins were spent in finding out empty rooms. I really wonder how can it take this much time when they have completely computerized systems.

Since we were already tired, we decided to step out instead of cooking at hotel. Again, it turned out that the direction in which we walked, didn't have many restaurants and we decided to return back to rooms and settled down on Maggi.

So far so good ... I will be spending at least next 8 days in this country, away from home, away from family but getting some new, different experience. Hope to have a good time out here...


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