Revisiting past belief

Outlook India is carrying an article on Mr. Lalooprasad Yadav, Railway Minister, India, about how he has turned the Indian railway from a-most-probable-candidate-for-bankrupcy to a second best profit making PSU (Registration required, else pick up Jun 19 issue of Outlook).

You don't believe right? Same was my reaction earlier! A person, who is known only for his political shrewdness and bihari-zaTakaa, has done something that has left even IIMians wondering.

Small steps to make the Railways a profit making organisation is the only thing that he has done. A simple thing like upgrading passangers from lower class to upper class to fill in the empty seats in upper class bogies. Isn't it a very common thing that airlines do normally? (yeah, ofcourse at some price, but they sure do, to get more occupancy on every flight). Laloo has done precisely same thing. I could never imagine he is that smart.

Another important thing is that he appointed an OSD (officer on special duty) and gave him free hand to implement his own ideas which has proved beneficial to the IR and hence for the common man. Now we can definitely expect no to very small increase in fares at least for next couple of years.

It was very difficult for me to digest that Laloo has literaly made an U-turn for IR. I would definitely love to watch his actions for next few years!

PS: Are other ministries interested in such things? Not yet heard of!


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