Can anyone beat this....????

Saturday evening. After a hectic day (meetings from 11 AM till 8:30 PM and off course a free lunch - courtsey: my builder) we decided to order pizza. Smokin' Joe's Kothrud was the obvious choice as they are the only ones who deliver pizza at my place near chandani chowk.

9:10 PM - Placed the order. Smokin' Joes confirmed the order to be delivered in 45-50 minutes. Last time it got delivered in dot 45 minutes. So it was ok.

9:55 PM - the delivery boy has not arrived yet

10:00 PM - Meghana calls up SJ only to know that the delivery boy has left just 5 minutes earlier. That was shoking. 45 minutes to prepare pizza .... simply unbelievable!! She decides to talk to the manager. After following a linked list and repeating the casette at each node, finally she reaches the manager

10:05 PM - The delivery boy is nowhere to be seen yet. SJ Manager is getting kicked every passing second. He also tried to use the lame excuse that the delivery boy might not have found the address. The real question was whether the pizza would be hot enough and eatable after 55 minutes? The manager picks up the obvious answer not realizing what is he getting into - 'Ma'm will replace the pizza'. We were dubmstuck. If first pizza is taking so long, how much time we should wait more to get the replacement....? Finally he agrees to 'get back in few minutes'.

10:07 PM - The moment the call with SJ manager ended, the delivery boy calls up. Supposedly he was in Chandni Chowk and was confirming the address. It takes only 3-4 minutes to reach my building from Chandni chowk. So we starting hoping that the pizza would still be in 'okay' condition... waiting ... waiting ...

10:15 PM - I got impatient. Went to the balcony (My builder calls it terrace... ) to see if I get any glimpse of our long awaited pizza. No luck

10:17 PM - 'knock..knock' .. Two delivery boys, one in plain clothes and the other in uniform... ready with our order. Meghana asks why it was so late? Plain clothes says he delivered one order at 'Ved Vihar' that's in Chandni Chowk and then he had come to my place. Another shock! both of them were acting apologetic. The boy in uniform was a bit more amongst them. The pizza was cold by now... The delivery boy says they will give 'some discount'.... 'jale pe namak'...

10:.. PM - We are again talking to SJ ... Meghana demands to talk to the same manager, After a while the fellow comes online. We forced him to deliver it for free. He didn't have choice but to accept it. The delivery boy returned the money.. Hush!! We were still angry and still scolding those boys. Suddenly I realized there's something wrong with the boy in uniform...

He was wearing red shirt, black cap with the logo. I looked at the logo then looked at the delivery box in my hand, and suddenly realized, the boy in uniform was a 'Pizza Hut Delivery Boy'. PH Delivery boy accompanying SJ Delivery boy and to beat that PH boy was more apologetic than the SJ boy ... Amazing isn't it?

To put SJ in threatening mode we took PH delivery number. I told to the PH boy that their J M Road center has gone pathetic and the staff out there is crap now. 'Yes Sir, I know' .. speechless ...

Can anyone beat all this?

Update: If you are in search of good mimicry artists, contact SJ reception. They know how to mimic their customers and that too without putting the phone on hold :)


Anonymous said…
hahahahaha... :))

Thanda pizza is a big sazaa...we too had a similar experience with PH a couple of weeks ago..

- Parimal
Mandar Behere said…
I think you missed the punch ... thanda pizza is sazaa .. fine, but the PH guys was saying sorry for SJ .... can't even imagine!!!
Anonymous said…
Yeah...that was really hilarious :))

- Parimal
Manish said…
What confuses me is, why did the PH guy accompany SJ? Do these guys share their delivery guys or do they simply outsource to a common agency taking care of delivery :)
Mandar Behere said…
The reason that PH guy gave was stupid enough to identify as a lie.. He said that actually he had come to deliver pizza in some other flat and the SJ guy didn't know the place and that's why he is with him. And we knew that the SJ guy had visited us few days back :))

- Mandar

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