King khan Vs Shahenshah

It was not a that good experience to see SRK hosting KBC event. He spent almost all the time in either mimicing the Big B or deliberately showing him down.

It all started with the opening statement for the KBC episode, after almost a year since Shahenshah left the stage. Every statement was indirectly challenging Big B's. Unnecessary criticism over Amitabh's 'shuddh hindi', his suits, his lingo everything. The bad part was even if it was SRK on the show, I could always see Big B everywhere - on the stage, in the movements of SRK, the gestures, the hand movements, the dialog delivery everything.

Yes, I am pro Big B but I liked SRK in Don 2. I really liked that movie. Probably because many years were passed since the original Don. There were places where SRK was totally under the influence of Amitabh, but overall, I could remember only Farahan Akhtar and SRK at the end of Don 2.

I couldn't do that with KBC. With the supposed background of political feud between Big B and SRK, it was all the more important for SRK not to mimic AB in any manner. He tried to devise his own terminologies. SRK started with the terms like 'computer da', but nothing could beat 'computerji,lock kar do'. The way AB used to say that, even a tech savvy person would be mesmerized to believe that there's a very elderly person sitting behind that computer screen and is ready to do what AB wants him to do. That kind of intimacy never got reflected, at least in yesterday's episode.

I know it will be a while to get used to SRK, but, since SRK has opened up the fight, at least I will be watching him to see if he at least reaches to comparable height with the BIG B.... :)

So overall, SRK has failed to become the 'rollover host' :D


sushilsingh said…
The ‘Shahenshah’ of Bollywood to well-known poet Harivansh Rai

Bachchan and Teji
Bachchan in Allahabad on October 11, 1942.
Amitabh went to Sherwood College, a boarding school in Nainital, and

then to Kirori
Mal College in Delhi University where he earned a double MA.
Amitabh his first break in ‘Saat Hindustani’ (1969). But the film failed

miserably, with


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