Busy weekends

Recently I have observed that my weekends are busier than my weekdays. Isn't it surprising? Last two days were no different. Had to finish off lot of stuff. Just listing down the things that I did over the weekend:
- Loan account problem
- visit to one of the colleagues at Jehangir hospital to see her new born baby (he's so cute!)
- shopping for diwali on Laxmi road
- Paying a visit to site (It's getting in good shape now (Hurrah!)
- Then a visit to shoppers' stop
- visit to hospital (again!) to see mama
- Then back to Laxmi road.
(Hush... done)
Instead of taking rest on weekends, it's turning out that I am getting exhausted over the weekend. However good thing is that I was fresh today morning - ready to take up the new work ...


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