Rajsthan - State of palaces and forts, state of sand dunes... Finally back from a short vacation in Rajasthan. An eventful trip indeed.

This vacation has been a mixed experience - lot of sightseeing and lot of frustration too. All the forts and palaces were worth watching even though there is lot of similarity amongst them. The frustration was mostly because of the lack of service from Hotel/Restaurent staff. Will talk about that sometime later.

Forts and Palaces
Rajastan is full of various forts and palaces from Rajaput Era (15-16th century). Couple of them were in use till recent times. But most of them now serve just as evidence of our rich and multifaceted culture. Stone carving is heart of all these monuments. It seemed that most of them had lot of affection for chinese tiles as well. Even if they were looking out of place, I found them at quite a few places.
The most surprising thing was the presence of mirros even in the 15-16th cetury - those guys have created wonders using these mirrors - Sheesh mahal (mirror palace in literal). It looks so beutiful! Jaipur, Bikaner and Udaypur - all of the palaces have these sheesh mahal, but udaypur's palace seemed to be in much better shape than other too. Bikaner had another worth watching palace - Anup mahal. Completely made up of gold (30Kg?) and in very good shape.

Sand Dunes
To be continued ...


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