E-mail communication

After spending so many years in the software industry, one can not be blamed to look at e-mail as primary mode of communication, specifically for the people who are heavily dependent on their customers who are across the globe. It is not always possible to have a face-to-face communication, rather it's rare. We mostly communicate with our customers/vendors over e-mails or phone.

Telephonic conversation is possible in many cases, but one has to wake up early in the morning or wait till late evening if he/she wants to make a call from India to a person in US and this very fact poses limitation on it's usage unless it is forced. Whereas emails can be sent from anywhere, anytime irrespective of whether the recipient is awake or not and hence it has become a very handy tool.

But the below mentioned article has rightly pointed out the short-comings of this easy way of communication. I had learnt them the hard way, but those who are new in this industry or new to this mode of communication should definitely read that article.

Ref: It's all about me: Why e-mails are so easily misunderstood


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