Bollywood disappoints again!!

With the news of Sanjay Dutt getting bail again, common man is definitely surprised. Just few days back, court of law had re-instated the faith in law by a clear decision that Sanjay Dutt is guilty and should serve the sentence. And now, on some grounds he has been granted bail and is out of jail now.

Given the complexity of the judicial system, I would not comment on that. But what I am really worried about the comments and reaction coming out from the bollywood fraternity. Since the time, TADA court started announcing the results of the trial, there was an increased number of appearances of Sanjay Dutt on the media at various occurrences. Be it a show - Coffee with Karan or be it his visit to temple. As if there is some conspiracy going on against him and he needs to be supported by his fraternity. There was increased number of his interviews flashing across the channels, increased number of his movies being showed on various channels. Media and Bollywood started crying about the investments at stake because of Sanjay Dutt. Once the court had declared the sentence, there were news flashing that it's unfortunate and how good Sanjay Dutt is and blah blah.

I really wonder - do all these people really know what they are doing by all these acts? Do they really care about the people who lost everything in 1993 mishaps? Or everyone has forgotten all about it in last 14 years?

I just want to say that let the judicial system do it's job and do not glorify any of the convicts just because he/she is a celebrity and crores are at stake. Let every one be equal in front of the law.

Latest News: Finally Salman Khan is behind the bars. Now media will be stationed outside that jail to get the bites!!!


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