Arrival of a little angel

After a long wait of 9 months, the little angel has arrived in our life. Mrunmay, that's how he would be known, made to this world on the evening of 24th of January, 2007. As you might have guessed, that is the main reason for this long gap on this blog.

His arrival was marked by one of the coldest days in this winter season and hence the angel decided to keep quiet for a long time. Now that the mother Nature is turning a bit warmer, our prince has started showing the signs of activities and keeping us awake till late nights and throughout the days. Albeit, it's fun to have a baby in your life, taking all of your attention, forcing you to change all your priorities, forcing you to reconsider your schedules/tasks everything. Everything in the day is centered around this new person and all that is paid off when you see a cute smile on Mrunmay's face. Although this reward is quite rare as of now, it's worth a watch :)

This blog may still see some not-so-unusual breaks, but now many of them can be directly attributed to this newborn. Nevertheless, I will be writing as and when possible.


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