In search of a broadband provider

While shifting to the new place near chandani chowk, we didn't know that we would need to struggle even for easy things. Since both of us work in a software industry, availability of the internet connection at home was a MUST. Nope, none of us is a workaholic, but it gives us the flexibility of working from home at times.

Considering the fact that we were the first movers to our society, I was sure that no one would be providing broadband services to my locality. So I opted for Reliance data card, which is supposed to give you high speed internet connection, although not a broadband. The promise about the speed looked attractive, even if it was on a costlier side. The promised figures were in the range of 60-70+ Kbps. However, on an average, we get not more than 25-30 Kbps. If you are really lucky, then only one could see the speed exceeding 60Kbps for few minutes. Otherwise it was always a spike going to maximum speed of 150Kbps and for rest of the duration hovering around 20-30 Kbps.

So, I kept on searching for other options like BSNL, Sify/YouConnect, Reliance Broadband. I was hoping that over a period of time at least one of them would start providing service. Frankly speaking, everyone in our society is in need of a good broadband connection. So there is a demand, but unfortunately nobody is ready to supply - converse of the law.

I made multiple attempts to apply online for BSNL broadband service, and all of them landed up in some garbage bin. I am yet to hear from them, at least mentioning that the service will not be available at my residence. Probably they are still keeping up with the true spirit of "babugiri" and least bothered about the competition.

Few months back I purchased a business phone (Nokia E61i) and that prompted me to opt for GPRS connectivity provided by my ISP - Vodafone. Again, this connection is putting up a dismal performance for most of the times. Typically in the evening times, it's very difficult to get through a connection and surf the net. Even my IM software (Fring) can't keep the already established connection and hangs.

Just 2 days back I evaluated Tata Indicom service. Their executives (21-22 yr old boys) claimed that no one is providing wired service these days except for BSNL(I surely know Reliance does that). Forget about getting good connection speed, that poor fellow couldn't even get me on the network.

Now planning to go for Hathway cabel internet connection. Have to find out details yet, but the reports by my neighbors are good. Let's see.


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