PMC is getting tech-savvy

Few days back, I got to know that PMC is issuing the voter's ID card on the spot. It came as a very pleasant surprise to see that PMC is using the latest technologies to make the life simpler for both, citizens as well PMC officials.

Taking advantage of summer vacations of the schools, PMC had put up booths in the schools. As a preparatory step, they distributed to the leaflets having the their personal information to the individuals. And then everyone was requested to approach the specified booth.

The setup and process was very simple. Few laptops, webcams, lamination machines and printers.
○ Register yourself to complete the records
○ Approach the person with a webcam
○ Allow him to take the photo
○ Wait for 15 mins
○ Go out with your laminated voter card with photo printed on it!!

This surely was a smoothest ever interaction with PMC/government department.

There was another instance where Meghana registered a complaint with PMC website about the garbage collection. To our surprise, the PMC official visited us in two days and our complaint has been resolved in a period of two weeks. On top of that, we also received phone call from the same person telling that the complaint has been resolved and also sought the confirmation again through website.

PMC, surely is changing and changing for good!!


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