Way to Passport - Part II

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If you are hoping that since the passport office is asking you to take an appointment, you will not have to face any queue, then you would be totally wrong. The appointment is only a way to force people to come on the specified date and deter others from stamping the passport office. One will still have to go through a big queue (approximately 70-75 persons) But the good part is that if you are in the queue before 1:30 PM, by all chances, your application will be accepted on that day.

Some tips for the day of appointment

  1. Be there around 40-45 minutes in advance. Things to carry with you -
    • a book for reading, or an iPod to listen to music or something else to keep you busy through the queue (unless you are interested in bird watching :) and birds are no more rare species at the passport office!! )
    • A water bottle
    • 3 sets of document (self attested). The office asks only for 2 sets, but it's good to have one more.
    • Original set of papers
  2. All of you would be routed to window #1 where the papers will be checked and stamped. If everything is found in place, then the life is easy. One needs to get into next queue, pay off the fees, collect the receipt and go home peacefully.
  3. The lunch time is from 1:30 PM to 2:00 PM. So, if you happen to be in the queue at that time, I'd advise you to go have your own lunch. But be sure to be back before 2 PM :)
  4. The photo copy shop is just round the corner (on the road perpendicular to the S.B.Road).

Assuming all your documents are in order, your application will be accepted and you will be given a receipt bearing a file number. Using this number, you can track the status of your passport here.

Enjoy travelling!!


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