Xia - New oriental avenue

Very good taste; good service; adequate menu and nice ambiance - this how Xia could be described. Located off Karve Road, Near Sharada Center, this is definitely a new addition in the list of destinations for Oriental food lovers.

Priced at an affordable rate (Approx Rs. 250-300 per head for 3 course veg meal) Xia offers a different taste for it's food items. To name a food - Thai Curry (Red/Yellow), Burmese Noodles, Indonasian Rice in the main course, Veg Tempura, Crispy Corn Chilly Pepper for starters.

The restaurent has two storied seating arrangement, one is outdoors and the other closed one. Outdoor place is very close to the road and hence one may find it pretty noisy. If you want somewhat peaceful meal, choose the other one. The seating arrangement on first floor is much better than the ground floor and if you are a group of 7-8 persons, upstairs would be the right place for you.

Overall, it's a good place to visit, definitely more than once :)


GrazingCow said…
Next time when I am in pune, this resturant shld my target!

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