Book Review: 2 States by Chetan Bhagat

A story that many from young generation would connect to is the story of "2 States", a recent book from Chetan Bhagat.

Krish, a Punjabi boy and Ms Ananya Swaminathan, Tamilian Brahman, get involved with each other during their stay at IIMA. Since both of them love their respective families, they wanted an approval from them for their marriage. After initial failure to get both the families know each other on the convocation day, both of them realize how bad and challenging it is going to be.

Krish and Ananya decide to take up the challenge and then unfolds a hilarious but mostly true to life drama that happens in Chennai (Ananya's home town) then in Delhi (Krish's home town) and some trips between D and C.

I was hooked to this book throughout and didn't want to keep it down until it was finished. The lead characters, Krish and Ananya have been portrayed very well and same is the case with supporting characters, Ananya's family and Krish's mother. The only character, which Ifelt was not portrayed deep enough, was Krish's father.

The story got a bit filmy from the point when Ananya arrives in Delhi to win over Krish's family, which could have thought out is some different manner. Same is the case with the role that Krish's father play in last two chapters was completely unthinkable and to me it was kind of filmy.

The entire story is in the form of narration from Krish and hence obviously depicts a very hilarious picture of the south Indians. I keep on wondering how would this novel have come out if it was narrated by Ananya :)

On the whole - a must read :)


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