As I have mentioned in my earlier blogs, I have quit playing Evony, TV has been reduced to a couple of hours on weekend, and this is giving me some more time at hand off late.

So what am I doing with this time?

Evening times are entirely for Mrunmay. As soon as I land up home, Mrunmay wants to take his book and makes me read through. Now, don't get it wrong, he doesn't understand fully whatever I read but he wants to keep on turning the pages randomly and look at pictures. If the book is for poems, he'll want me to sing (say?) the poem from the page he lands on. Then he also wants me to sing "naach re moraa" (marathi song) by reading English Nursary Rhymes book and every page that is featuring a "star" I have to sing "Twinkle Twinkle". So outcome, I have memorized quite a few Rhymes which I didn't know until few days back. Joy - countless :)

"baba, pushtak wachoo yaat" (Baba, let's read the book) is the tag line I hear at least 20-25 times during this period. The moment someone distracts him, he is sure to return back to book only in couple of seconds. I just hope he continues with this love for books through his life.

And then the early mornings are for my web surfing. Usually I end up reading through my Google Reader subscriptions, checkout twitter, FB, checkout the Google analytics for my blogs. And yes couple of recent things that have got added to this list are trying out Intuit Money manager for managing the money related data and working on my new professional blog "Management - Experience, Experiments and Expertise." This blog is also available in different look and feel but with the same contents on Wordpress as well.

And through the day, as and when time permits, I keep on tweeting, reading tweets or at least make some unnecessary comments on status from various FB friends... Life is going well I'd say...



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