Free days

Last few weeks I was hooked on to the online game "evony" - a war/strategy game. Since the game is "online" it was always on and I continuously need to take care of the army that I had built in 2 of my cities there. Plus, you are always under pressure of being attacked when you are not online. Not that it affected my daily work, it definitely had started eating up valuable time. I was spending almost 2 hours everyday on this game and suddenly I realized that I have got addicted to this game.

With this realization, it was obvious to decide to quit playing this game. And so I did. Since last Saturday, I haven't logged on to this game. This in turn have led to many more realizations :)

I wasn't able to read any books (finished of "2 States" just after quitting evony), I wasn't reading much from my google reader subscription nor was I reading newspaper. Now that I don't have any binding towards the game (really? :P) I have taken up few serious readings (current read - "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" by Rashmi Bansal - and I am liking it.

Another revealation came because of my 2 yrs old son. Usuaully we, me and Meghana, used to spend time with Mrunmay after coming back from home and also in parallel used to watch some soap operas. This somehow led to a constant demand from Mrunmay to watch his own set of VCDs (baalgeete, Ganesh Stories etc). In the beginning we were okay as it gave us 15-20 mins free to finish off our dinner, but later the timing got increased and Mrunmay wanted to watch it for more than an hour, that too continuously staring at the screen. Now, it was time to take some action and the only possible solution was to hide the remotes. Since he doesn't know yet, how to operate TV and CD player w/o remote, we have been successful for last 3-4 days and haven't watched the TV ourselves since then!!

Hurray!!, this has given me some additional, undistracted time with Mrunmay and now I now many Nursary Rhymes by heart :) and the joy that Mrunmay derives when me n Meghana are sitting with him - together - is just unforgettable...

Sometimes, it takes time to realize what is it that would make you happy :) and at least for now I know what it is for me :)


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