Movie Review - Twilight

After all the hype that was created around "Twilight", it was obvious to watch it sooner or later and we managed to watch it last weekend.

The story revolves around the basic theme of a young girl falling in love with a boy, who happens to be a vampire, yes, vampire. Most of the initial part has come out very cutely, the way Bella (the cute, beautiful girl) attracts to Edward (the vampire), how Edward gets involved with Bella, the pain that Edward goes through everytime he suppresses his urge to suck blood out of Bella, the realization that Bella has when she joins the dots, her visit to Edward's family - all these things have come out very beautifully.

Disappointedly, then comes a villain (what would that love story be, if there's no villain) and from this point onwards, it became just another hindi movie - Villain kidnapping the dearones, Hero making all attempts to save his sweetheart and all. This was the point when I lost my interest in the movie. If it would have brought out some really vampirish acts from the villain, it might have succeeded in keeping my interest.

The only hint that might make me watch the sequel of Twilight is the wish that Bella has to become just like Edward - join the vampire family. Would Bella force Edward to let her in? Would Edward succumb to that pressure? are some of the questions I might want to get answered in the sequel. Overall, I would say it was just about an average movie, although Bella, Kristen Stewart, is awesomely beautiful :)


Prabhavati said…
I read whole set of books and found the ideas of love to be slightly creepy....
I mean the Vampire is 100s of years old and he is marrying a teen. Bal Vivah...
On the other side is imprinting of Werewolves and their mate. Some Teenagers imprint with toddlers!!!!
Interesting for an American book, no mention of samesex relationships.

AND why does a coming-of-age book for girls has to end in marriage and motherhood ?
Mandar Behere said…
your point of "bal-vivah" - interesting, at least I didn't think of it :)

And every book for girls ending in marriage and motherhood - that's the easiest way to keep something happening in the story and thus keep the interest of the reader, I don't think there's anything else :)
Meghana Behere said…
@Prabha, Mandar hasn't read the series, so he is still blissfully unaware of imprinting.

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