Reality Show - Raaz Peechale Janam Ka

Yesterday, I happened to bump into the latest reality show on NDTV Imagine - "Raaz Peechale Janam Ka" (The secret of last life). Apparently some female is having some psychic powers with which she can help you see your last life. I didn't get to watch the entire episode, but whatever I saw kept me wondering with many questions.

The episode that I saw had Sekhar Suman as the person who was getting to know about his last life. Apparently, in his last birth, he was a scottish person with some Army background and he has lost his family in some some kind of fire, including his "then" kid. It was surprising to know that Sekhar's son (this birth) was afraid of Diwali crackers...

With the recent fad of reality shows mashrooming on every channel (including MTV and V TV, which once were dedicated to only music), I keep on wondering where this is heading. "Rakhi ka swayamwar", "Perfect Bride", "Pati, Patni aur Woh", "Big Boss" and what not. Where are good serials (with some definitive and acceptable endings)? Good humor? Good Detective Series? All the good things on the TV channels seems to have vanished under the cloud of "Reality shows"

Some questions that kept me wondering about this "Raaz Peechale Janam Ka" series:
  1. Why is this show restricted to celebrities? (obviously TV channels think audience has sufficient time to know about celebrities' last life even after bombarding them with the happening's in those celebrities' lives)
  2. What's the reason any celebrity would participate in such a show?
  3. What is the proof that this is actually a "reality" show and the script is not cooked up?
  4. Why does a celebrity like to open up such personal things in front of camera? If there would have been such a power and if I had chosen to know about my last life, I would not definitely tell about it to everyone even in my family, forget about unknown folks in the society (yes, I agree I am not a celebrity, but still ... )
Update: When I did a simple google on this show, I stumbled upon this site - - this person is blogging about almost all the serials being aired on the TV channels. If you are interested go and read about some of them...


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