Setting up a wrong precedent

By announcing a separate state for Telangana, under the threat from TRS leader's hunger strike has set a very wrong precedent. Probably in order to earn some quick good book entries, Congress Govt has taken this unilateral decision and now everyone in the nation is going to pay for this in some or the other way. There would be many more demands from other states, e.g. Maharastra, Gujrat, for separate states to fulfil wishes from some highly ambitious but not so effective politicians.

Note that I am neither in favor of the split nor against it, I am just worried about the aftereffects of this hasty decision. UPA government is already under fire and seems to have gone on back foot
"Gandhi told agitated non-Telangana MPs that all views would be taken into account during talks. "

Wasn't this supposed to happen before taking the decision? And this is coming from the current superpower in the nation.

We had a similar split earlier - creation of Jharkhand, Chattisgarh etc. Has anyone gone back and checked if creation of these smaller states has resolved the original problems? Are we in a position to say authoritatively that smaller states would bring more development to each of those states? And as Chetan has mentioned in one of the tweets - what exactly will cutting up a state and spending crores making new admin setup, will do for the people there?

I was expecting a mature innings from UPA government this time around given that they have a full majority and don't need to bow to unreasonable demands.


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