Struggling for a routine

Finding it hard to continue the thing that you like? e.g. regularly reading newspaper? Reading your Google feeds? Watching a particular program on some channel? Visiting/calling friends regularly?

I hope I am not the only one who is struggling to get into some kind of routine to make these things happen. E.g. I used to read newspaper everyday morning when I was in my old house. Since the time I have shifted to new place, this has gone for a toss. Reason - the newspaper is not delivered even until I am ready to leave for office. I am getting a bit regular on my google reader feeds (thanks to evony-free days :)) (yet another attempt).

Since the priorities have changed (Mrunmay taking most of my time at home), there is no time for watching TV these days. Listening to songs has become a rare case. Visiting relatives - oh, I don't even remember when I visited some of my not-so-distant relatives. And friends - talking to them has become rarer than a blue moon.

I wonder how many of you struggle for such things?


I agree.... completely ... same situation here ...

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