A Visit to Lavasa

I had been hearing about this "city" for quite sometime - all good and bad both. Decided to pay a visit many-a-times, but never really got to it. Finally it was yesterday when we (Meghana and I) decided to take the trip.

While having lunch at McD, she suddenly got a kick to go a looong drive and so we decided to head towards MuLashi with no specific plans to visit Lavasa. But when we saw the first sign board stating Lavasa at 42 Kms in Chandani Chowk, we thought why not go to Lavasa.

The road to Lavasa is nicely maintained except for few speedbreakers towards the villages near Lavasa. This was not surprising given the big clout that the city is blessed with. The good part was that there was not much traffic, so I could drive with my pace (obviously slow :)) without getting pestered with honking. The Ghat was okay to drive with some sharp U pin curves.

En route to Lavasa, we happened to cross a Dam, couldn't figure out what it's name is (Varasagaon?). The place was serene with not much crowd around. The Dam probably was under construction or was badly placed. Not much of a backwater, some barren land with very few trees around. Happened to catch a single tree trying to survive in the middle of the water.

The clean air, clear sky and lack of sound pollution - those 15-20 mins were really well spent.

And the moment, there is something to photograph, Meghana has to take out her camera, which we had this time, fortunately. She started trying her hands on the camera with various angles, views etc. And I just took a chance to capture a photographer at work :)

Another 5-7 kilometers passed and we entered the Lavasa premises. Nicely done entrance, the street with street lights, the sign boards. At couple of corners where there was space, some gardening was done with arrangement to sit for sometime, ideal if you are staying at Lavasa and just taking a stroll around.

We reached a place call "Ekant" and realized that it's the resort at Lavasa, which I happened to browse over internet few months back. Location is beautiful overseeing backwater of some other dam which was down in the valley. By this time it was almost a time to get back home, so we didn't go down in the valley to check out the water sports and other activities which might be there. We could see water sports from Ekant and the scene was looking really good. We could also see lot of construction happening down in the valley, but due to lack of time, couldn't go and check out.

On the way back, Meghana capatured some snaps of kingfishers and some spoonbills (or similar) around a water body that was nearby. And I did some mobile phtography while sitting in the car ;)

Journey back was uneventful and reached home by 5:30 PM or so.

Overall nice visit and it would be great to visit this place again in the rainy season. I have already heard of some experiences during the rainy season, which are tempting enough for me to make another round of this city in next monsoons. And yes, by that time, even Mrunmay would have grown up a further and even he would enjoy this excursion :)


Gopi said…
Well, its 'Temghar' Dam.

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