A short vacation

Albeit late, let me wish you all of my readers a very happy, prosperous and joyful New Year!! May this year starts bringing out the best in you!!

Two things have happened since my last blog post - one have entered the last year of the first decade of 21st century (or first year of second decade? doesn't matter ;)) and I celebrated my 33rd birthday couple of days back. At times it hurts to look at the number "33" but yeah that how it is...

To spend some time with Meghana and Mrunmay, we took a short vacation and headed to KarnaLa. This place is located on Mumbai-Goa Highway about 15 Km from Panvel. There is a fort and a bird sanctuary nearby. Few of you have already visited the place or might have heard about it. For those who haven't been there, this is a good weekend getaway.

We headed to KarnaLa on Friday morning and to cater for Mrunmay's hunger times, we had to take the break immediately after hinjewadi - Joshi Wadewale. This outlet has grown so much since the time I had visited it around 18 months back, but the place is well maintained and clean. After this stop, we took the Expressway and got down in Panvel in about two hours. And then it was just 15-20 minutes drive to the resort which we had booked - Panoramic Resorts.

This resort is located at a beautiful place, from where one can have a the "thumbs up" view of the fort. They also have few live animals including Ostrich and Ducks. This was the first time, Mrunmay was watching these animals and it was so much fun to watch him go behind the ducks!! A huge lawn, a small water park, quite a few built-in toys (ghasargundi, Sea-Saw etc) made sure that the guests of the resorts won't get bored, specially the kids.

On Saturday, we made a trip to the bird sanctuary. It is a small walk in the jungle and hill where there are few birds/animals are placed in a cage to help the lazy tourists not going deep in the forest. Again this was the first time, Mrunmay saw the peacock in all it's glory. This peacocks shows up his plumage as soon as a guest arrives at his door!! Mrunmay also got to see many monkeys, got scared of one, loads of butterflies and yes, a rabbit and parrot too!!

While heading back to Pune on Sunday morning, we took the old NH-4 instead of the Expressway and to our surprise, it was a very beautiful drive. This was the first time I drove on old NH-4 on my own. The road is well maintained, there was very less traffic, the scenery around was very good. And what made it more memorable was a two hour uninterrupted discussion with Meghana on various subjects!!

Towards the end we wanted to get out to Ravet so as to reach Chandani Chowk, but somehow we missed that turn and landed up in PCMC area. Again this came to me as a big surprise - this part of the NH-4 has been made 8 lane road!!! Well placed flyovers, beautification, good signboards - just loved it!!

All in all the vacation was very good - a time well spent. The resort was good, the people there were very nice, Food was just about okay. The service in the restaurant was rather slow.

Some of the photographs would be coming soon on Meghana's blog - here and few I would uploading to Facebook. Watch out for them!!


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