I happened to visit the "The Place" next to West End, Arora Towers for my lunch on Saturday afternoon. While reading the menu card, I read that this was the inventor of the food type "sizzlers" and it was mainly invented to keep the food hot until you are done! The menu card had written the history of this food type, starting from 1963 till date and how it traversed various places before "The Place" was started.

I like the sizzlers served here and have come here often. Yesterday we ordered "Tandoori Paneer Shashlik" and some "Pram Gramaldi"(?). When the hot plates arrived, I felt that the quantity has been reduced and we were wondering whether to order something more. Fortunately we waited until the plate was finished and we realized that we're actually Full!!

There have been multiple outlets in Pune now which serve the Sizzlers - the famous ones those I know of include "Yana", "Kobe's". Out of this Yana on FC Road has been a favorite spot for two reasons - accessibility and Quality (food and service both). Since Yana is equidistant from my both office locations, it has become a regular place to have team parties or team lunches. The paneer here is extra soft. The Garlic Bread is amazing. However, few times, the french fries have been a disappointment. The good part is the owner/manager is very receptive of this kind of feedback.

Kobe's has been a rarely visited place for me and frankly I don't really know "why?".

"Yana" has better variety in terms of veg offerings and the sauces available if I compare it with "The Place". I felt that the overall taste at "The Place" was a bit mild than that at Yana and also the quantity of sauce is less. The ambience at Yana welcoming whereas "The Place" gives you a gloomy feeling. From the cost perspective, both of them are in the same range.

No wonder I keep on visiting "Yana" :)


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