Movie Review - Rann

Star Plus was broadcasting the recent flick - Rann and I happened to notice it well on time. The story line projected by Tata Sky info looks promising and led me to watch the movie.

Movie revolves around the role of the Media in current times and how it could be used by some mighty people to their benefit. It was more like mix of a bunch of movies including a marathi movie "Simhasan" which was prepared way back in 1980 where two politicians fight each other and a media person was witnessing it, "Kurukshetra" (2000) and couple of others. The movie proceeds in a predictable manner and there are no twists at all.

Although Rann has a strong starcast - AB, Paresh Rawal, Reitesh Deshmukh, Gul Panag - it fails to make the impact. AB has maintained his usual style and there were no great scenes made for him in this movie. I was really disappointed with the role that Paresh Rawal has played. There's nothing new for him to do in this role and kept me wondering why did he do this movie. Being her follower on twitter, I was having elevated expectations from Gul Panag's role, but I found it was rudimentary. The same role could have been done even by a new comer. Same question for her too - why did she do this film?

Overall I felt good that I didn't spend 500 bucks to watch this movie when it was released. It is okay if you have missed it already (which should actually be a no-brainer given the fact that movie got onto the channel within 4 weeks of release!!)


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